The exhibition ‘WORD.’ takes place at kult gallery, Singapore. Topic is the medium of writing in contemporary art. A braille-graffiti is created in collaboration with graffiti sprayer ‘SONG’ from Singapore.

18 May to 20 June 2018

 Exhibition view

It was great to collaborate with the graffiti artist SONG from Singapore! In this way, a new work of art has emerged—an art piece that combines our two approaches, SONG’s graphic-design approach and my conceptual way. As an exciting side effect, I thereby was also able to perform ‘ethnological’ field research: I could observe that urban artists in Singapore work in a very different way than they do for example in Mexico-City (where I recently realized the ‘same’ project). That’s why travelling is so important: to make personal encounters, to collaborate artistically and to be able to make first-hand observations…
(Alexis Dworsky, conceptual artist)

And then there was my workshop about codes in urban space…


Made possible by Goethe-Institut Singapur – thanks!


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